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Our magazines, platforms, conferences, projects and content are IMMERSED in:

New Immersive Digital Format

Like many companies, H3BM has spent significant time and investment on R&D, to continue to strive forth to provide our audiemce and clients the best experience, solutions and services of vital knowledge transfer in this constantly evolving and exciting sectors.

Our new digital magazines & platform will deliver, on any device, PC, laptop, tablet or phone, a seamless experience of enriched, immersive content, visualised to the next level of modern publishing, which we call IMMERSIVE PUBLISHING.

One of the great things about building a body of knowledge is the convergence effect.

By clustering the materials delivered over the different channels around common themes, we can take advantage of synergy and create something special. Consequently, our media schedule for publishing Thinking Cities has been fine tuned to align with our other channels.

THINKING CITIES magazine - new format

December 2021 sees the publication of the 17th issue of Thinking Cities magazines, in its NEW official format, produced in association with Polis and timed to coincide with the 2021 Polis Annual Conference in Gothenburg.

To be published in December 2021

In the Cityview section we hear from Frankfurt, Lisbon and Leuven, with the latter's focus on MaaS third-party payment schemes. Elsewhere in the issue the European Cyclist Federation's Jill Warren talks cycling diversity, Cape Town's smart traffic management operations are the centre of attention, we look at London's VIVACITY Labs and focus on an innovative project aiming to increase the number of black women cycling. We also examine Mobility Justice, parking in Zuid Holland and the MORE project that encompasses smart city governance in Budapest, Lisbon and Malmo. Also in this issue are articles on Glasgow, Manchester, Brussels and Urban Vehicle Access Regulations, among others. Issue 17 promised to be another fascinating read...

Thinking Cities sample edition

You can find all this and much more in the December issue of Thinking Cities - anyone registered for the Polis Annual Conference will receive their exclusively digital copy before anyone else so why not sign up for the event HERE and ensure you're one of the first recipients!

Thinking Cities & Thinking Highways are part of a collabrative platform, created by H3BM and supported by CONNECTED, which covers both audiences and will feature a special focus on the Smart Mobility Body of Knowledge in the next SIX issues.


Immersive publishing gives us some amazing abilities to go beyond the book page or even the glossy magazine page. We can add an extra dimension to our content by bringing it to life with visualizations and tools.

While these are still under development, we can give you a preview by way of a couple of examples.

We are developing interactive dashboards as part of a lifecycle analysis for selected smart mobility applications. This allows the audience to interact with the model, inputting it on assumptions regarding costs and likely outcomes. These serve as amazing sketch planning tools that allow the rapid and effective analysis of the likely effects of smart mobility applications.

Interactive dashboards currently under development include advanced traffic management, heavy truck tire defects, transit analyst time utilization, and roadside sensor technology comparisons. The dashboards will be complemented by 3D graphics to explain complicated smart mobility concepts in a simple manner. A picture is worth a thousand words, and we think that an animation is worth a thousand pictures.

Some sample content

We will also build on this by making use of video and audio technologies to deliver our messages in the way in which you want to hear them. The videos and podcast here, are some examples of what we can do, here again a coordinated set of messages will be delivered over multiple channels. The videos and podcasts here are coordinated with chapters being developed for the new book on Smart Mobility.

H3BM's new, unrivaled content offerings can be simply categorised into six sections:

1. DEEP DIVE RESEARCH We will seek to maximise the incredible synergy between researching content for the book and the other immersive publishing channels and the offer of consulting services to the market. Our initial offering will consist of deep dive research into specific smart mobility topic and our approach will be aligned to our proposed development program for the other channels - READ MORE ABOUT THE OTHER SECTIONS








Thinking Cities and Thinking Highways were born from the desire to deliver to its audience the highest quality content possible.

Their aim is not only to report but to facilitate active and forwardthinking discussion using the best available platforms and creating innovative new ones, such as this one.

The core team has been together in the global ITS industry since the late 1990s and our aim is to encourage a long-term view of the value of investment in transportation and reinforce the value of its wider influence in the lives of the people it serves. We want to help elevate the creation of strategies, the allocation of funding and the encouragement of innovation in your sector to a level where investment in systems and technology reaches further than political terms of office to where we see the formation and implementation of ‘policy beyond politics’. We thank you for your support, input, collabaration and the many global friendships we have made on this fascinating journey of discovery so far.

Working for many years in all aspects of these sectors, diving deep into this industry, has given us a truely unique perspective and approach to better communication tools which are fluid, responsive, multi-device functional, with stunning visualisation, that is engaging as well as immesrsive for the reader. Faster transfer of vital knowledge is essential for making connections and shortening the process to the actual deployment of smart solutions, services, policy and safety to our towns, cities and regions.

As we start the next stage of our journey, to navigate the Smart Mobility Revolution, we invite you to join us once more and welcome those who are new and wish to immerse themselves in this arena, we look forward to hearing from you.

Luis Hill - H3BM


The best ideas and solutions spark vigorous conversation and raise the quality of our connections


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